7News Editorial: Congressional Shooting

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- KSWO and ABC News showed you the shocking footage from the Congressional shooting June 14th.

Yet again, our great country has another shooting incident where a gunman intends to kill a large group of people.

These incidents make me wonder, what in the world is going through someone's mind to commit such an act?  Did he really wake up one day and think he was going to dramatically change the current state of the country by shooting Republicans playing a game of baseball?  How could a man lawfully live 66 years with a few minor law run-ins and then decide he needs to kill innocent people because he is so disgruntled by the Republican party?  Is it just that our country has become so bitterly divided that we feel the need to physically harm someone who sees the world differently?  Can we go back to a respectful war of words rather than an uncivil war on other Americans?

At the end of the day, he changed nothing and dramatically changed the lives of dozens of people.  It's time we start looking at each other with respect-- as Americans and value our differences.  These collective differences built this country.  If we are going to remain the greatest country moving forward, we need to start working together to make one another's lives better or one day we wish we had!

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