Fort Sill celebrates the Army's 242nd birthday

Fort Sill celebrates the Army's 242nd birthday

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - Fort Sill celebrated the Army's 242nd birthday on Friday at a graduation ceremony.

Traditionally, the oldest and youngest soldiers at Fort Sill get to cut the cake, but since they merged the two ceremonies, this year, the Battery Honor Graduate Private 2nd Class Justin Williams and the Post Chaplain, who was also the guest speaker, got to cut the cake together.

29-year-old Private Williams was among those who graduated basic training Friday. He said being a soldier is something he's always wanted to do and earning a spot as the honor graduate goes beyond just the military it also means making his family proud.

"It was cool yesterday because I saw them for the first time in almost three months and they were just so excited to see me and thought that their dad was cool because he's a soldier," Private Williams said.

Lieutenant Colonel Kirk Alexander said he goes to two or three graduations a month and likes to see how much the trainees change from when they arrive on post.

"You really see what soldiers they've become, you know when they walk in as civilians and just watch their transformations throughout the process. This is their final moment, they're accepted as Army soldiers. It's a special event," Lt. Col. Alexander said.

Williams said participating in the birthday celebration was extremely special.

"I didn't realize any of this was going to happen. I feel very blessed to have this happen to me and just proud to be here," Private Williams said.

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