Reliving the US Army's history on Fort Sill

Reliving the US Army's history on Fort Sill

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - In celebration of the Army's 242nd birthday, Fort Sill held a special event called 'Minutemen to Missiles' to relive the history of the Army. Throughout the day on Saturday they had multiple demonstrations of weapons, including small arms and artillery, at the Field Artillery Museum. They showcased the evolution of Army uniforms and equipment from the American Revolution all the way to the present day.

Director of United States Army Air Defense Artillery Museum Jonathan Bernstein said he hopes people walked away with an appreciation of the United States Army's history.

"The history of the Army really is the history of the United States," Bernstein said. "It gives people a good window into how American society has evolved by the wars that change our history and the men that fought them."

The Field Artillery Museum is open to the public and features a lot of what was on display at the event.

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