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Frontier City’s Silver Bullet coaster malfunctions for the 2nd time this summer

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- We're learning more about a malfunction that stranded 11 passengers on a roller coaster yesterday afternoon at Frontier City.

The Silver Bullet roller coaster was stuck in about the same place as the last time the ride stopped last month.  Park officials say the ride's computer system sensed that something was wrong and sent the ride into safety mode.

"Right as they were fixing to board, the workers said that 'Well, we're really sorry that we have to shut down for maintenance for just a few minutes,’” said April Temple, a park visitor.

Workers at the park were able to reset the ride's computer, allowing the roller coaster to complete its cycle.  Officials say the ride's safety mechanism worked exactly as intended.

This is the fifth time the roller coaster has stopped since 2008. Before the start of each season, the ride is inspected by the Department of Labor, and park's maintenance team inspects the ride before the start of each operating day.

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