Vaska Theatre planning to host drive-in movies

Vaska Theatre planning to host drive-in movies

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -If you're looking to change up your date nights or just take your family out for a fun evening...good news!
Drive-in movie nights are coming soon to the Lawton Vaska Theatre.

The Owner, Justin Hackney says they will be painting a screen 26 feet tall on the building starting next week, with a reflective gain paint so the quality of the movie will be good.

They will be transmitting sound through an FM transmitter so people can watch and hear the movie through their car radio.

He says there will be a small admission fee, but promises the experience will be worth it.

"People like drive-in's and we don't have one closer than 40 minutes away from here, so it's a good thing for people I think," said Hackney. "They're happy to see it. I wish we could do a better drive-in, but we work with what we got."

He says they will mostly be playing throwback movies and the first one they will likely show is "American Graffiti." Hackney hasn't specified an exact date the movies will show... but he expects sometime in mid-July. We will keep you updated on when pre-sale tickets go on sale.

There will also be concessions and car hops that will provide, of course the popcorn and anything else you could want at a drive in theatre.

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