ONE TANK TRIP: Lake Texoma

LAKE TEXOMA, OK (KSWO) - Just over 100 miles from Lawton is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, Lake Texoma, otherwise known as the Striper Fish Capital of The World. It sits on the Red River between Oklahoma and Texas and attracts over six million visitors a year.

Lake Texoma is Oklahoma's 2nd largest lake and has everything you could want when planning an outdoor trip. You have tons of swimming areas. As well as long or short scenic hiking trails, lots of areas to camp out with your friends and family and go home with some dinner.

An early morning trip on the water, made for one of the most exciting and best fishing trips I've ever been on. One after the other, we were reeling in fish and ended the day with 60. These Stripers can grow a little over 20lbs and are great to eat whether you like your fish fried or put on the grill. A fellow Southwest Oklahoman, Larry Sparks from Tillman County, for Sparky's Guide Service says Lake Texoma is proven to be different than any other place you'll go.

"We've got a salt content that comes out of Southwest Oklahoma and no other lakes have that," said Sparks. "Texoma is one of only five or six lakes out of the United States that has Striper that reproduce. That's why the amount of striper in the lake is so great."

Sparky's Guide service is one of hundreds of Striper fishing guides that offer all-inclusive services. They've been in business for over 18 years now and they provide the tackle, bait and even clean the fish for you, which makes for a great day on the lake all year round. All you need is your Lake Texoma fishing license, so that you're legal in both Oklahoma and Texas waters.

"You can really get out here and fish 24 hours a day," said Sparks. "I tried it when I was younger and it's a lot of fun, but it's a good spot for water sports. I mean, there's so much to offer here and camping areas."

Other than fishing, many people come to Lake Texoma from Dallas or Oklahoma for the water sports, relaxing camping spots or just to cool off in the water. Julie Roach, Lake Texoma's State Park manager says it's known to be one of the most peaceful places because it's so big, you never feel like it's too crowded.

"I think a lot of it is just the ease of the shoreline," said Roach. "It has a lot of great beaches. Some of the lakes, I mean we have a lot of great lakes around the state for different reasons, but the fishing is great and that's one big one. I think it's just a large lake, so there's a lot of room out there for a lot of boats."

Roach even takes her family to Lake Texoma as much as possible because she believes connecting with the outdoors is something a lot of people take for granted.

"The lake and camping in general," said Roach. "It gives families a chance to connect without all the electronics. They can focus on the outdoors and doing things with their family and a lot of younger adults are bringing their children out to camp and it teaches them to enjoy that."

If you would like more information about Sparky's Guide Service, you can call him at 580- 916-2293. For more information on how to reserve a campground at Lake Texoma State Park, visit them on Facebook.

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