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Two dogs require vet care after being left in the heat behind a police station

SPENCER, OK (KSWO)- Residents of Spencer took matters into their own hands when they found two dogs left outside in the heat behind the police department.

The pit bull and golden retriever puppy were picked up by animal control last Thursday. They were kept in a cage at the police department because animal control does not have a contract with the local animal shelter.

Spencer resident Toni Canaday went to check on the dogs Friday night when she learned they were being kept there. The dogs ended up in the care of a local vet.

“The white dog was in not such good shape. His body temperature was high when he got here, so we did have to get him cooled down, did have to push fluids. He had burns on the back sides of his feet, and it just came from the asphalt being too hot where he was sitting,” said Tara Sharp with the Safe Haven Clinic.

The Spencer Police chief says this was just a breakdown of communication and this normally doesn't happen. They thought an animal rescue group was going to pick the dogs up Friday morning and they realized it hadn't happened until late that night. They are currently working on a contract with the Oklahoma City animal shelter.

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