Traffic stop leads to two arrested in Cache

Traffic stop leads to two arrested in Cache

CACHE, OK (KSWO)- A traffic stop in Anadarko led to 2 people being arrested in Cache, after police found hundreds of stolen checks, forged driver's licenses and ID cards.

Jesse McKinney and Timothy Hillen are behind bars on several charges, including identity theft and forgery.  Investigators say they found so much evidence in Hillen's apartment it will take days to sort through.Chief Donna Kimmel said this is one of the biggest cases she and her department has worked in the 4 years she has been there.

Counterfeit money, cell phones,computer hardware, and drug needles, just some of the items the Cache Police Department found inside Jessie McKinney and Timothy David Hillens' apartment in Cache.

They were making fake ID's, Oklahoma drivers license with had birth certificates , death certificates, social security cards, just boxes of checks they were making," said Kimmel.

This all stems from a traffic stop made by  Anadarko Police Monday. They arrested Tracy Guzman, a friend of McKinney's, on an unrelated charge. After searching her car, besides drugs and drug paraphernalia, they found fake and stolen checks, ID cards, and other documents belonging to other people in the trunk. Guzman said they didn't belong to her, but belonged to McKinney and that he paid her in Fake checks to "hang out."  Guzman told police where McKinney lived and that's what led authorities to perform a search warrant on the Apartment where McKinney and Hillen lived.

"Its very alarming how many individuals that are doing this white collar crime, and the amount of money and running people's credit, making drivers license putting their picture over drivers license its mind boggling," said Kimmel.

According to the affidavit, Hillen and McKinney admitted to stealing mail from people's mailboxes and dumpster, and burglarizing cars in order to steal checks and personal information.

"When we interviewed one of the suspects he admitted they had been warned we were coming so we did lose some evidence. There were two females through talking with neighbors and workers at the apartment complex that they had a verbal altercation before our arrival and managed to load their cars with more of this evidence and managed to get out of town. We were lucky we caught them because they had their truck loaded up and they were ready to get this stuff out" Kimmel said.

It also states that Hillen tried to hide personal documents from police, but police found it along with other stolen documents, forged identification cards, and numerous personal and business checks.

"We got the information and we seized an opportunity to not tolerate it to be proactive. I'm very thankful Anadarko called us," said Kimmel.

Kimmel says it will take says to sort through the information because some the stolen documents are connected to victims in several places including Lawton, Frederick, Sterling, Elgin , Lubbock, Texas, and Florida.

She advises people to be more careful when disposing personal information. Instead of throwing it in the trash, shred the documents. She said this will help prevent you from becoming a victim of  identity theft.

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