Memorial Service held for Pastor in Chickasha

Memorial Service held for Pastor in Chickasha

CHICKASHA, OK (KSWO) - A memorial service was held for the Pastor whose  body was found Friday morning outside a church in Chickasha.

Friends, family, and those who knew him in the community gathered at First Missionary Baptist Church for the memorial service for Pastor Michael Dean Walworth they shared words on how he changed his life and their life for the better.

Cars lined the street for the service with dozens of people attending, there to pay their respects, some carrying flowers.

Jay Henderson was a friend of Walworth, He said Walworth helped him get through alcohol and drug counseling a few years ago. Henderson said he had a passion for helping others getting them through tough times.

"I've seen him go above and beyond helping people through addictions overcoming their addictions. This church meant a lot to him even though it was a small church they let him minister people  to a lot of people don't minister too. The mainstream churches they shy away from what preach wrapped around his arms and let people know hey its okay," said Henderson.

Henderson had this to say for those who didn't know Walworth.

"Preach wasn't for everybody, some people looked at him as odd, some people looked at him as goofy  but the thing about it he was a child of God and that's the thing people need to understand how many people he helped overcome addictions," Henderson said.

Since his death, investigators have not released any new information.

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