Lawton mother of five found dead in home

Lawton mother of five found dead in home

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton woman who took care of a young mother was in shock and grieving Friday.

The mom of five was killed in an apparent home invasion Thursday morning.

Friday afternoon we learned Jamah Starks has been arrested for the murder of Shaquilla Martinez.

"She's a beautiful angel now but she's gone," said Julia Mantzke. "And I still can't believe it I'm in shock."

Shaqulla Martinez was 16 years old when Mantzke took her under her wing.

Mantzke said realizing she's gone is unreal.

"She has four little girls and a little boy and it just breaks my heart that she's gone," said Mantzke.

Mantzke said losing Martinez this way is a nightmare.

She can't image why anyone would want to do this to her.

"That's what I keep going over in my mind," said Mantzke. "Why did this happen? Why to her? And what could've triggered it?"

Mantzke's family called Shaquilla Martinez "Key" and even got matching tattoos.

"There's a lot of memories of with her you know and the time that I spent with her," said Mantzke. "And they just need to think of her children and pray for her family traveling down here."

Investigators are not speculating on a motive and they are not saying how Martinez knew Starks.

As soon as they release more information, we will have it for you on the 7 News app.

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