Lawton-Fort Sill app unveiled

Lawton-Fort Sill app unveiled

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton-Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce unveiled a new app on Friday at their annual banquet aimed at helping you find things to do along with places to eat in Lawton.

They created the "Visit Lawton-Fort Sill" to have just one app for visitors and residents to use to make it easy for them to find restaurants, hotels, and other attractions.

The app allows you to navigate through a list of upcoming events that are going on in the community, and scroll through a list of 101 things you can do.

Taylor Burgess, the director of the Lawton-Fort Sill Convention and Visitors Bureau has spent the last ten months helping create the app and said she's hoping it will help people better plan out their next adventure.

"You can pick what restaurant you want to go to and then what museum you want to go to afterward or going to the wildlife refuge what time are great times to go out there what times is the museum open, what time they close."

Burgess said it also has information on how to get onto Fort Sill and provides hours of local businesses.

You can find the free app by searching for "Visit Lawton Fort Sill" in your app store.

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