Police say Tulsa officers fatally shoot gun-wielding man

Police say Tulsa officers fatally shoot gun-wielding man

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - Police in Tulsa say a man armed with a gun was fatally shot when three officers opened fire as the man tried to break into a home.

Police said in a news release Sunday that 47-year-old Jimmie Bevenue was killed in the shooting Saturday night in east Tulsa.

Police say officers stopped after seeing a stolen vehicle outside a home and approached three people standing outside the vehicle when Bevenue, armed with a gun, ran from the home to an adjoining home and kicked open a back door after ignoring orders to drop the weapon.

Police say the officers opened fire to prevent Bevenue from entering the home.

Police previously said the man ran from the stolen vehicle after a traffic stop.

The names of the officers haven't been released.

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