Discover Oklahoma: Off the Hook Seafood and More

Discover Oklahoma: Off the Hook Seafood and More

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK- While Oklahoma is known for its barbecue and chicken fried steak, seafood aficionados take note! This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, find out about one restaurant in Oklahoma City that's fast becoming the go to place for seafood and more.

It can get crazy in the kitchen--especially when you're trying to cook and there's a guy with a camera in your face- but Corey Harris takes it in stride.  Even when describing his restaurant's most famous dish.

"What it is, is it's a lobster cream sauce, and inside of that lobster cream sauce, we have shrimp, crawfish, baby clams, and lump crab.  And we put that on top of french fries, top that with..."

Off the Hook Seafood and More began as a food truck just a few short years ago.  But the truck's customers made it clear early on, that they wanted a building they could go to and enjoy their good food--without having to chase a truck around.  Corey and his wife, Loniesha, set up shop here in north Oklahoma City, and business has not stopped booming. Because it's all about the product, the food, and the service.  And if you're missing one of those, it's easy to fail.

You can see the rest of that story, plus check out the beautiful Keystone State Park in Sand Springs; saddle up for an adventure on horseback in Sulphur and enjoy delicious coffee & homemade tarts in Oklahoma City….all that and more on Discover Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!

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