Family looking for answers in Stephens County cold case

Family looking for answers in Stephens County cold case

LOCO, OK (KSWO) - More than 30 years after her mysterious disappearance, authorities are looking into the missing person's case of Loco native Frankie Duvall, who went by Bonnie.

40-year-old Duvall went missing in 1986 and, over the last 31 years, little information has come to light about her disappearance. Monday, authorities searched a home that was the residence of Duvall when she went missing 31 years ago.

Duvall's niece, Meghan Davis says the family is simply looking for answers.

"This is where Bonnie lived, this is the last place she was seen alive," Davis said. "Her husband was the last person who saw her alive and we're here waiting for answers, whether it takes a day, a week or a month, we will be here. She deserves for us to be here. We want answers and we want closure. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone who loved Bonnie and that was a lot, a lot of people."

Davis said they have been hoping that this day would come for more than three decades.

"It's very surreal, very emotional, it's been a long 31 years for our family of digging, pleading, begging for something to be done," Davis said.

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said he hopes that will soon change.

"Information has been coming in for years on this particular situation, this mysterious disappearance of this lady," McKinney said. "We hadn't got to the point where we could go to a judge and get a search warrant until here recently. "

Multiple agencies, including an archeological team from OU and the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office, spent the day using ground penetrating radar to search for any evidence around the home. McKinney said they served a search warrant to get started at 6:00 a.m. Monday but that they do not expect to find anything immediately.

"It's going about like we expected this morning. It's a long tedious process. We more than likely will be here for some time, could be up to a week," McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney would not comment on what, exactly they are looking for at the home or what led them to search the home. He simply said he hopes to find some evidence that ultimately will allow them closure and to close the case.

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