Jackson car wash burglarized overnight

Jackson car wash burglarized overnight

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton police are looking for the people who burglarized a car wash  early Monday morning. 

Surveillance video showed a woman washing her car while a man drilled through the lock to get to the money box at Jackson's Car Wash off Sheridan road.

The two came back later in the early morning hours trying to break a second, but the suspect gave up and left the car wash.

After he saw the damage, Rodney Jackson checked to his security cameras to see who was responsible for the damage and theft.

Jackson said it was frustrating to see that someone has burglarized his shop for the fifth time in the past year.

"You work hard to keep a good business and somebody comes in and wants to take it from you and they cause more damage than they get money," he said.

Because Jackson empties the change holders daily, the criminals only got away with less than $10, but he said the damage will set him back him the most.

"One of the locks is 25 dollars and just having to order it, put it in, it's just frustrating to have to fix something that somebody damages," Jackson said.

Sgt. Timothy Jenkins said the surveillance footage will help police track down the suspect.

"You can get their face, what they're wearing, maybe if they left in a car or a vehicle a tag number or a car color," Jenkins said. "We always tell people if you are able to get surveillance cameras at your home, your business, or something like that please do that because it helps us and you in the long run."

Jackson said it's sorry that people are doing this to his business.

"If they need money they need to go to work and get their own money," Jackson said. "I work for hard for my money so they should have to work hard for theirs."

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