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Man found in rose petal bath waiting on escort arrested for arson, attempted murder

(Source KFOR) (Source KFOR)

YUKON, OK (KSWO)- In Yukon, authorities say a man is behind bars after setting fire to his cousin's mobile home.

The suspect reportedly poured fuel around a propane tank under the mobile home and lit it.  When the father asked for his son to be spared, the suspect opened the door to let him out. Instead, both the father and son managed to escape, seconds before the propane tank exploded.  The suspect then took off.

Acting on a tip, the Sheriff's Department found the suspect at a hotel, lying in a bathtub and waiting for an escort. 

"He actually tied the door closed, using some rope and then doused some fuel under some propane tanks, and that's what ignited,” said Canadian County Sheriff Chris West. "When we got there, we found rose petals that were scattered from the front door to the bathroom. He was lying in the bathtub, waiting for an escort to show up."

The suspect was arrested on complaints of attempted murder and first-degree arson.

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