Digging continues in Stephens County cold case

Digging continues in Stephens County cold case

LOCO, OK (KSWO) - Authorities say they have yet to find any significant evidence at the home of a woman who mysteriously disappeared more than 30 years ago.

We told you Monday of Frankie Duvall, who also went by Bonnie. She's been missing since May of 1986. Monday morning, the Stephens County Sheriff's Department re-opened the case and began digging at Duvall's former home.

There is still more searching to be done but for the past two days, authorities have been focused on two cellars--one of them on the side of the home.

"It was as spot where a shelter used to be of some sort, we don't know if it was a root cellar or what, but it had been covered up for many, many years so we wanted to explore that, get into that, get down to a depth that we could actually analyze the soil in there and we're satisfied that it hasn't led to any other information," said Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

McKinney said they also have searched another shelter on the other side of the home.

"It was an old storm cellar that we took the floor out of, it was a thick concrete floor that's the reason you saw the jackhammer come in, we did remove the entire floor and dig down to a point that the archeologists from OU were satisfied that there would not be anything any further down," McKinney said.

Authorities were digging in a third area late Tuesday and McKinney said they still have a few more areas that they hope to get to Wednesday. He said they are looking for any kind of evidence they can find.

"When you've got the medical examiner's van here and the archeologist from OU here, you can only assume what we're possibly looking for. We're looking for anything, not only human remains of some sort, we're looking for anything that may give us some additional information," McKinney said.

McKinney said the inside of the home has also been searched and sprayed with a chemical that would detect the evidence of blood if it was still present. That will be analyzed later.

Sheriff McKinney said if they do find evidence at the home they would obviously dive further into the case, but if they don't find anything, it will definitively eliminate this home from the investigation.

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