New City of Lawton website open to the public

New City of Lawton website open to the public

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The man behind the City of Lawton's new website detailed his work creating the fresh look.

The new website came at the request of Lawton residents, who wanted an easier way to navigate the city page. The old website was ten years old and the city decided it was time to make major changes, such as adding a staff and service directory and contact information for each city department.

Web designer Gilron Charles said with the overwhelming amount of changes, the city decided to start from scratch.

"Technology moves fast," he said. "So, every year you typically have to have a total rebuild or you have to do a lot of work to fix the old one."

The new site was also given with a new URL – one easier for residents to remember.  

"The old one was really long and we decided to have a shorter one that's more in line with other government websites so It's shorter, better, sweeter," Charles said.

While Charles did the coding for the website, he said it was a city-wide effort with some 40 workers adding information about their departments and services.

"You can have a great website, you can have a great code, but the content is more important," he said. "So, the entire team really helped on that."

He said the project provided a lot of hard work for the whole department, but with the site's Monday launch, the team was given a glimpse at the light at the end of the coding.

"It can never be done, because technology moves so quickly," Charles said, "but at least we're in a place where we can build on our past successes."

Getting the website up and running was just the beginning of the changes coming to how the city communicates with residents, with a City of Lawton mobile app in the works for the future.

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