Couple swaps fake ring for one worth $32K

Couple swaps fake ring for one worth $32K

MOORE, OK (KSWO)- Police in Moore are looking for a couple they say swapped out a $32,000 ring at a jewelry store with a fake.

The two were caught on camera at the store in Moore, where the store owner said they browsed for 30 minutes before they found the ring that they then swapped out.

He said the man went out to the car while the woman stayed inside where she switched the rings out.

"She said, 'This is the ring I want and love, and, oh, I've got his car keys. I need to give him his car keys. I'll be right back,'" said Tim Lewis, the jewelry store owner.

Authorities say the pair are believed to have stolen from stores in Oklahoma City and Texas as well.

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