OSDE wants your input on a proposed education plan

OSDE wants your input on a proposed education plan

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Oklahoma Department of Education is seeking your input tonight, on a proposed education plan.  The plan determines how federal money will be used in our schools.

The Department has laid out a massive 445-page draft.  It details where the money would go and which programs would be either funded or eliminated.

The OSDE wants everyone in the community to understand it and give their opinions on it. One local teacher tells us without your feedback, the plan will carry on without any changes:

"The thing we see right now there are 9 programs that are under our federal umbrella and 8 of those programs are subject to see a decrease in funding. A couple of those programs have zero'd out altogether. So, these are the programs that our students benefit from when they attend school," said Kimberly Jones, a science teacher at MacArthur High School.

You have until this Friday to submit your feedback on this draft.

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