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Women's Health Clinic grand opening at Fort Sill

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FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - It was an exciting day at Fort Sill, for the grand opening of the Women's Healthcare Clinic at Reynolds Army Clinic.

The new clinic will offers services for women and children on post including a Midwife Program. Nurses and doctors can perform annual exams and testing just for women. Counseling services will also be provided by staff at the clinic. Major Nicolle Deaton is excited woman now have all of the services they need in one location at Ft Sill. It makes it easier on women who need to make appointments and expectant mothers to get the care they need.

Before the grand opening of the Women's Health Clinic, it was a hassle for women to see a doctor. Chief for the Department of Woman Services Major Nicolle Deaton said this clinic is a stress reliever.

"The are really excited like for Woman's Health to get an appointment downtown it takes two to three months so we average within a week or two," said Deaton.

Women will be able to get their annual exams, PAP tests, tests for STD's or STI's, birth control, and counseling. Mothers will also be able to nurse in lactation rooms. Staff will assist women with a range of issues that come with life in the army.

"So when our patients come whether they are here for the Woman's health clinic, or WIC, or P3T which is postpartum physical training we are able to do the assessment and if they are having family issues or depression issues, weight concerns we are really able to look  and see how we can help them whether its in the facility," said Deaton.

Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner Lisa Stout adds low income mothers will be able to apply for WIC benefits at the clinic.

"Our moms no longer have to go downtown to the WIC office they have that option here as well  so that they are not missing work and  they have those services all in one place," Stout.

She adds there are other services woman can't wait to use.

"The option of having a female provider that pretty exciting to them. This is a self referral they do not have to go to their PC unless they just choose too, but they can come up here without a referral from someone else and they can make an appointment and come in for services," said Stout.

There are few finishing touches officials will add,but the clinic is up and running. Major Deaton said they already have patients signing up for appointments.

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