Duncan family starts ministry for daughter and special needs children

Duncan family starts ministry for daughter and special needs children

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -A Duncan family is starting a ministry in hopes of helping children with special needs like their daughter.

10-year-old Emma Harper was born with cerebral palsy and micro duplication of chromosome 22Q 11.2 that affects her ability to speak and walk.

Right now, Emma can only walk short distances with assistance, but her parents, Micah and Tara Harper, are hoping that will change soon.

They've found a doctor in California who can perform a transfusion that could help restore the areas in Emma's brain that are damaged and allow her to talk and walk again over time.

After years of occupational and speech therapy, Emma Harper is making progress, but still doesn't have the ability to speak or walk, due to her genetic disorders. But, that soon could change if she gets a transfusion done by a group of doctors in California.

"It uses donated placenta stem cells that are typed to her and it's a transfusion and then she should start seeing effects of it in 2 weeks and then we can start noticing changes in her in about two months," said
Micah Harper, Emma's father.

"We feel it in our hearts that she has a lot to say," said Harper. "We might be afraid of what she has to say, but she has a voice that we want to hear."
She communicates with her family and teachers at school, Horace Mann Elementary through a DinoVox. It allows her to touch pictures and it speaks for her.

Emma is also well known in the Duncan community as she spends most of her time participating in races. She's done over 17 events since 2015. Her brother, Logan pushes her in a stroller most of the race and she gets out to walk when they get close to the finish line.

Now as she sets her sights on California, the Harpers have set a goal to raise $25,000 to get here there. They've created a ministry called Give One, to not only help Emma but other children just like her.

"If everyone just gave one dollar," said Harper. "That dollar of change you have in your car, the power that we all would have if we combined that and we could make things happen."

The Harpers say they appreciate everyone who plans to give and they encourage everyone to post videos of Emma's progress after the transfusion in August.

"I just want to thank everybody because the outpouring has been phenomenal," said Harper. "We have had a lot of support in the community and just people continuously asking how can we help, and what can we do and that is greatly appreciated."

You can find out more about Emma on the family's Facebook page, "Help Emma Find Her Voice." And on Thursday, they will have a ministry kick off party at the Historic Palace Theatre. There will be Bingo and a movie starting at 6:30. All proceeds will go towards the medical and travel expenses for Emma and her family. Whatever exceeds the $25,000 it will go back to the Give One ministry of Stephens County Worship Center for other children in need.

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