New suspect arrested in home robbery gone wrong

New suspect arrested in home robbery gone wrong
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton police have arrested another person regarding a home invasion robbery that left one woman dead last Thursday.
Wednesday, Lawton police named Michael Turner as a second suspect in the shooting.
Turner and Jamah Starks are accused of killing Shaquilla Martinez in her home on the 1500 block of Northwest Euclid Avenue.
Turner and Jamah Starks are accused of robbing Shaquilla Martinez and another victim of jewelry, a backpack and cell phones.
"We believe the robbery occurred because she did have some items in her possession that may have been valuable to them." said Lawton Police Department Sergeant Timothy Jenkins.
Starks was arrested after the surviving victim identified him as the triggerman.
Police said Starks had a backpack in his possession that matched the description of the one stolen from the home.
Right now, authorities do not know if the robbery was targeted or random but they encourage other residents to be cautious of their surroundings.
"Just make sure that you're vigilant in everything you do and just take care of each other," said Jenkins. "A community that works together and strives to make people better is always a good thing."
He said the department's goal is to reduce as many incidents like this that they can.
"This is really unfortunate that this incident happens to this young lady," said Jenkins. "Obviously, we don't want to see this happen in our community."
Michael Turner was arrested two days after the shooting.
He has not made a court appearance yet, but authorities say he will face a murder charge.
Starks is facing robbery charges and murder charges. If convicted he could face up to life in prison.

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