Plan to lower state’s prison population draws criticism

Plan to lower state’s prison population draws criticism

OK (KSWO)- An Oklahoma lawmaker's plan to lower the number of inmates in state prisons is drawing some criticism this morning.

Representative Bobby Cleveland is suggesting to let between 500 and 1,000 non-violent inmates go free over the next few months to keep prison populations down. He suggested putting them on electronic monitoring from there, but Representative Scott Biggs of Grady and Stephens Counties says he is not a fan.

"On all of the cases, it's not even real-time monitoring. They just get a notification a day or two later or if someone cuts the ankle monitoring or forgets to charge it," said Biggs.

Meanwhile, Governor Mary Fallin, who previously criticized Representative Biggs for not passing criminal reform bills, is speaking out. In a statement she said, quote, "Without jeopardizing public safety with these bills, we could have implemented smart, data-driven solutions to safely and prudently fix our criminal justice system."

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