LATS is changing weekend hours, routes

LATS is changing weekend hours, routes

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- If you ride LATS buses, listen up! They're making changes to their weekend hours and the orange route.

Starting July 17th, the orange route will run once an hour and will not go on post. If you want to go on Fort Sill, you'll have to call to schedule your trip at least two hours prior.

On Saturdays, they'll stop the busses at 6:00 in the evening instead of 9:00 and only one bus will run the routes instead of two.

This decision was made at the City Transit Trust Special meeting. LATS General Manager, Ryan Landers says because of wear and tear on some busses, they've had to take several out of commission.

"There's just not a whole lot of people needing the service because of work or whatever and so it made that decision to cut Saturday service a little easier to do. It's never an easy thing to cut service but that was one of our lower rider ship days," said Landers.

While these changes go into effect later in July, LATS will continue to work to add more busses to their fleet to better serve the community.

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