Fireworks show coming back to Duncan since 2009

Fireworks show coming back to Duncan since 2009

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)-- For the first time in eight years the city of Duncan will have a fireworks show. It will be held at Abe Raizen Park Monday night. The owners of Duncan Machine Products are donating 20,000 dollars worth of fireworks to the Chamber of Commerce to light up the sky.The city of Duncan will provide police and fire support to make sure residents enjoy the show!

Josie Villagrana and her grand-kids can't wait until the show!

"I am very, very, excited because I came down here to visit from New Mexico," said Villagrana. "I'm very excited because this is the first time I get to see a fireworks show."

Josie Villagrana said it's long over due.

"Well I've been here for a long time and when we moved back in 2012 I was not really excited because they didn't have anymore,so I brought my kids here, my boys when they were young,and they really use to enjoy the fireworks a lot so I'm excited for my grand-kids," said Villagrana.

Lisa Clinkinbeard said her grand-kids haven't seen fireworks since they were 2 years old.

"We are very excited cause Duncan hasn't had one since 2009 and my grand-kids love the fireworks," said Clinkinbeard.

Duncan Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Chris Deal said they tried to have the show in the past years.

"We've run into financing difficulties, fireworks since anyone can tell you are very expensive and then we ran through a five year drought," said Deal.

Deal can't thank the owners of Duncan Machine Products,Teri and Chris Billings enough, for their generosity, and spirit they have for Duncan.

"To them what better way to give back to the community they feel has been so generous to them and in return be generous to the community its been really a great gift. For many its such a sense of excitement to have this again," said Deal.

Clinkinbeard said events like this bring the community together.

"Its great that Duncan has decided to come back with a fireworks show that they haven't had so we are very excited," said Clinkinbeard.

She and her grand-kids are looking forward to having fun.

"I hope I'm off that day so we can go and enjoy the day," said Clinkinbeard

Deal said there will be fun for all ages. Duncan First Baptist will be providing bounce houses for kids. BarS Foods is donating 1,000 hot dogs. There will be a snow cone stand and the Duncan Soccer Booster Club will have a concession stand. The fireworks will start around 9:30 p.m. and go about 30 minutes at Abe Raizen Park.

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