Comanche County plans to repave roads this summer

Comanche County plans to repave roads this summer
COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO)-This summer you may see several roads repaved across the county.
District 3 County Commissioner Don Hawthorne said the re-pavements across the county are important to prevent drivers from ruining their cars aND  even possible accidents.
He said many of the roads across the county are gravel and only need a blade to be repaved others need a little more work.
"We usually go in and mill up and recycle the existing road service and pack it down and sometimes put more aggregate on it and then oil and chip it," said Hawthorne.
Hawthorne said the 82nd Street project will cost them approximately 350-thousand dollars that will come directly from their account.
However, some projects are funded by the Comanche Nation.
"District 1 had an agreement with the Comanche Nation," said Hawthorne. "Comanche Nation provided the materials and District 1 provided the equipment and manpower."
Hawthorne said work done on the roads shouldn't affect drivers unless they must close them which he believes is unlikely.
However he sends a message to those residents near the roads that may be affected.
"We ask for patience to whoever lives on that road to ensure I wouldn't say hardship, but an inconvenience," said Hawthorne. "Either to go around, slow down and make sure that they don't endanger the workers."
Hawthorne said they plan to repave 12 miles of roads across the eastern and western district of Comanche County.

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