Lawton Police Department to add five new patrol cars

Lawton Police Department to add five new patrol cars

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton Police Department will soon have new patrol cars after the City Council approved the purchase of five new units.

Sgt Timothy Jenkins explained that several cars within the Lawton Police Department have been on the road for a long time, so they're likely to end up in the shop and not on the roads protecting the citizens.

"We don't want that to happen because cars are essential to our jobs, our daily functions and it's important that officers get to where they need to go from call to call in emergency situations and by keeping things updated like that we can take care of our officers and our department as well as our citizens," Jenkins said.

He said that aside from the need to have up-to-date vehicles, the department also has to have enough cars for their new officers each year.

"With all these new cadets coming in, keeping up with the equipment, giving them fresh equipment to use in their job as a police officer is important to us because they have to go out and have to perform, have to go out and protect the citizens," Jenkins said.

LPD is also looking into the purchase of SUVs.

"That way we can have more equipment, more things to take with us so we can keep our community safe," Jenkins said. "We'll be able to put more items and tools necessary that we need for policing so getting bigger cars is always a good thing for us and the community."

He said the cars will not only benefit the department but the entire Lawton community as well.

"It works well for everybody. It looks good on our department and it looks good on our city as well," Jenkins said. "It's a good thing for everybody."

They're hoping to get the SUV's in the next three months or so.

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