Snapchat's new 'Snap Map' concerns parents

Snapchat's new 'Snap Map' concerns parents

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A heads up for parents about a new Snapchat feature that could put your kids at risk.

Snap Map allows users to share their location on a map updating every time a user signs in.

"I just think it's dangerous,” said Shantae Coley, local parent.

The popular social media app is used by over 150 million people worldwide to share temporary photos, videos and more.

However, Coley and her 11-year-old son aren't using it.

Coley said having a feature that allows users to track her son's location just isn't safe.

"I'm kind of scared and worried about that because what if it's someone that you don't want to be around your kid,” said Coley.

Experts say many teens have hundreds of followers including some they've never met in person.

And now this new feature makes them easier to track by people who may not have good intentions.

Sergeant Timothy Jenkins of the Lawton police department urges parents to use caution when allowing their children to use the app with the new feature.

"People who are on snap chat they may not have good intentions,” said Jenkins. “So, if their kids can’t turn that filter off or know that this is a new feature on the app somebody may be able to find them and can do them harm."

Which is what Coley said she hopes to avoid by not allowing her son to use it.

"I just don't think it's a good idea for people to know where you are 24-7,” said Coley.

The new upgrade was introduced on June 21.

Snapchat users can turn the feature off completely.

If you decide you do not want to share your location, you can set location sharing option to Ghost Mode.

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