Pre-fireworks fun at Duncan 4th of July celebration

Pre-fireworks fun at Duncan 4th of July celebration

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - In Duncan at the Abe Raizen Park, a celebration was held ahead of fireworks on Monday night. The Duncan First Baptist Church brought out tons of bounce houses for the kids, and there was plenty of free food. Including a summer favorite: the sno-cone.

Duncan residents have been waiting 8 years for a 4th of July celebration in their own backyard and the festivities attracted residents from all over Southwest Oklahoma.

Some like David Sweat of Marlow.

"It's a great thing that they are doing for us to keep small towns thriving," Sweat said. "It's really good for the town and for the people."

The fireworks were donated by the owners of Duncan Machine Products. They reached out to the Duncan Chamber of Commerce and Duncan First Baptist Church who organized Monday night's event.

And despite Monday night's threat of severe weather, the rain held off in Duncan and that much anticipated fireworks show went on as planned.

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