Clean-up begins for couple after house fire

Clean-up begins for couple after house fire

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- The family of a volunteer firefighter are without a home, following a late night fire and officials say lightning may be to blame.

Officials were called around 11:45 Tuesday night to Kiowa Road in the Edgewater Park neighborhood, that's on the west side of Lake Ellsworth. Alex Park is a volunteer with the Edgewater Park Volunteer Fire Department. He says as soon as he heard the address, he knew it was his daughter's home. He says that his daughter and her husband lived in the house and were sleeping when it caught fire. Luckily, a neighbor knocked on the door just in time for them to wake them and make it out alive.

A wakeup call no one wants to get...

"My pager went off...looked at the address... knew it was mine," said Park,
an Edgewater Park Volunteer Firefighter and owner of the house.

Park  jumped out of bed, got the tanker from the fire station and went to save the home that his daughter and her husband were sleeping in.

The home was engulfed when he got there, but he was thankful to find everyone safe outside.

"The rest is material," said Park. "You know, they're safe. They're in good shape. This is just... Insurance will take care of it and we'll go from there."

Park says he suspects the garage caught fire first. Luckily, a neighbor saw the flames, knocked on the door and windows and got Park's daughter and her husband out.

Park says although materials can be replaced, there were a few items they lost that meant a lot to his daughter and their family.

"To her she had all of her mothers stuff," said Park. " Her mother passed away four years ago. And she had a lot of family heirlooms her mother gave her. She lost that and that kind of hurts her, but she's got the memories, so that material stuff doesn't mean anything."

Park says after looking at the damage today and seeing this angel still standing, unharmed he knows they have a guardian always watching over them and protecting them.

"That means... her mom is watching over her," said Park.

Park says he appreciates everyone who has reached out to help their family, but as of right now, they only ask that you donate to the local volunteer fire departments that helped out. He says if it weren't for other fire departments from Apache, Wichita Mountains Estates, Paradise Valley, Porter Hill and Elgin...the fire would have been much worse and spread to other homes.

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