Center for Creative Living drops monthly fee

Center for Creative Living drops monthly fee
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Center for Creative Living has dropped its monthly 20 dollar fee.It's all in an effort to help seniors who use the facility stay active and healthy.

The Center is a nonprofit organization for seniors 55 and older. They teach a variety of exercise classes including Tai Chi and walking. It also provides informational sessions on fall prevention, maintaining balance and ways for seniors to take care of themselves.

In 2014, The center was having financial problems and there wasn't enough money to keep the center going. With help from different organizations like the McMahon Foundation, United Way and support from the community that fee is no longer needed.

Linda Jolly is a proud member of the Center for Creative Living. Jolly lives in California, but visits her uncle every summer in Lawton, and looks forward to coming to center.

"It has such a wonderful variety of classes available that I come and chose what I want to do, how to behave myself and spend at  least three days a week here doing something," said Jolly.

The Center provides a variety of workout classes including Tai Chi. Center Member Larry Serreria said he enjoys that class and other activities at the center.

" We make picture frames or boxes," said Serreria.

Jolly knows how much of a relief it is to some who had to pay the 20 dollar fee in the past.

"I think it probably a good choice but it doesn't make a difference to me because I was very happy to pay for it so I make a donation whenever I can," said Jolly.

Back in 2014, The Center received a 25,000 dollar grant from the McMahon Foundation to hire Executive Director Lorene Miller. She applied for new grants, and received several donations from organizations, and the community. Miller said she is grateful for the continuous support.

"If it wasn't for these organizations that give to us we wouldn't be here. I mean the past board of directors whenever they implemented that 20 dollar rec pass it literally saved the center. If they had not done that and the senior citizens were not able to pay that 20 dollars a month we probably wouldn't be here," said Miller.

During those times of financial hardship Miller said it was tough on seniors.

"I found out after a while they had stopped coming because they could not afford that 20 dollar fee to come here. You know 20 dollars a lot people think....poof that's nothing but to some senior citizens its a whole lot," said Miller.

As of Wednesday, Miller said they have about 6 to 8 months of their operating costs in the bank

"We are here we are thriving we are strong and we don't have to worry about closing in 6 months we wont have to worry about closing for a long time if ever," said Miller.

Miller said their next goal is to apply for a grant that will provide free lunches for seniors on the weekdays. If you would like to make a donation to the Center for Creative Living click the "Center for Creative Living Link".

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