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Comanche officials warn residents of wild dogs attacking livestock

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COMANCHE, OK (KSWO)- City of Comanche officials are urging residents to stay on alert for wild dogs near the area.

Comanche animal control received a call of a farmer’s livestock attacked by a pack of wild dogs last week just outside Comanche.

A resident in the area said that farmer was her friend and he told her there were eight dogs attacking his horses and one dog even killed one of his horses.

The farmer shot at the dogs, injuring one and scaring them away.

According to city ordinance you can kill an animal in self-defense if they attack. 

City manager Chuck Ralls who oversees animal control said normally those dogs are stray pets that have become aggressive after being starved.

He said their number one priority is for residents to remain safe and he encourages them to take shelter if they are encountered by a wild animal and call authorities immediately.

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