OK child starts fundraiser for injured Cyril officer

OK child starts fundraiser for injured Cyril officer

CYRIL, OK (KSWO)- Members of the Cyril community are coming together to raise money in support of an injured police officer. Bryan Janz was responding to a call late at night last month when he was involved in a crash that left him with broken bones and internal bleeding.

Cyril's police chief says he's been in critical condition ever since.

One boy and his family are trying to help by selling t-shirts, with the proceeds going to the officer's family.

"When they said it was a wreck with a police car, I was praying… They are always good to us, so we should be good to them," said Traister Crow, 11.

"He does his job and he does it correctly and he doesn't care who you are; if you're rich or you're poor you get the same treatment," said Cyril Police Chief Jay Huff.

Donation buckets are set up at convenience stores around town.

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