Korean War veterans honored by Comanche tribe

Korean War veterans honored by Comanche tribe

COMANCHE CO. (KSWO) - The Comanche Indian Veterans Association (CIVA) honored four Comanche Korean War era veterans .

The ceremony was part of the CIVA's mission to honor veterans who are still living, beginning with World War Two veterans, which they honored in 2016 and now in 2017, they are honoring Korean War Veterans.

Corporal Edward Tahhahwah Sr. was one of the four veterans of the Korean War era recognized on Tuesday.

His family stood with him as he received a "grateful nations" blanket, which was adorned with ribbons from all the wars. He also received a coin, medallions, and a framed picture including a synopsis of his time in service.

Tahhahwah said he wasn't expecting the honor.

"It means a great deal to me because I've never been honored before about anything really," Tahhahwah said. "But I'm glad they thought of me enough to honor me today."

He was in France during the war and traveled throughout the country as a driver for the port commander.

Clifford Takawana with the CIVA said while Tahhahwah didn't serve in combat, he served in support of combat. He said it was essential to have people like Tahhawah providing supplies.

"If you don't have the supplies, you don't have the ammunition, you don't have the food if you don't have gasoline to run the vehicles you're not gonna fight a battle," he said.

Because of his willingness and time he spent in the Army during the Korean War, the Association wanted to honor him.

"If he had orders to go into battle, he would've been there," Takawana said. "He deserves our recognition just like all the others."

Tahhahwah's daughter, Angela Hankins, said seeing her dad up there, getting recognized was special.

"It really touches our heart," Hankins said.

They also honored Fireman 1st Class Curtis Apauty, Master Sgt. Robert Atchavit, and Chief Electrician Mate Garner Pewewardy.
So far, the CIVA has honored 20 of the 23 living Comanche Korea war veterans. 
They have three more Korean War era veterans they would like to honor but those three veterans couldn't attend tonight's ceremony due to health reasons so they'll be honored at their homes.

The CIVA plans to honor Vietnam veterans next.

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