Community clean-up at Altus park

Community clean-up at Altus park

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - A community effort is now underway to clean-up a once prominent Altus park, but your help is needed to make it happen.

The Imagination Station park sits right off Falcon Road in Altus, near Altus Air Force Base. In the past, the park has been a popular location for kids and families to spend a summer day, but over time the park began to fall apart.

Saturday, July 15, two local businesses are hosting a clean-up day where they're asking for volunteers to donate time and materials.

"It's vitally important, there are so many memories being made in this park by families and children," said Jennifer Brown with Altus Motorsports. "I know for a fact that there are a lot of children that come out here. Some of them don't have the greatest environment to play in. This gets them off the video games and out of the house."

Altus Motorsports, along with Wilmes Chevrolet, is hosting the community event to clean up the park. Brown said if they want kids to spend time at the park, adults need to put in some time to help fix it up.

"There's the basic problems like weather and time and basic deterioration. But the real frustrating issue is vandalism and people coming out who don't respect the space," Brown said.

"There are several small things at the park that need to be fixed right now. The most visible of which are giant holes in the fence. They can be a huge safety hazard as Brown said kids can just drop right through and wander off.

The holes in the fence are just one of many problems.

"Broken plastic caps, obviously if the kids touch those it can hurt them. There are support structures under the deck are starting to rot out that need to be replaced. The swing-sets are missing a couple supports, the seats are rotted out, we're replacing those," Brown said.

Brown said they also hope to give the park a fresh paint-job. The work requires lots of manpower and supplies, so Saturday, July 15th, the entire community is invited to come out and help.

"Altus Motorsports will be on hand to help coordinate and we have squadrons from the base coming out but we really need volunteers. We are short volunteers and we are short supplies still," Brown said.

The event will kick-off around 8 a.m. and will continue all day. If you would like more information or would like to donate, you can contact Altus Motorsports here.

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