Central High raises money at garage sale for a new park

Central High raises money at garage sale for a new park

CENTRAL HIGH, OK (KSWO) -The Central High Community held a large yard sale Saturday to raise money for a special town project.

Dozens of Vendors such as You-Nique, Posh, and Thirty-One were set up at the Central High Community Center to help raise money for the new park they are building.

Locals were also invited to bring and sell their own clothes, toys and home goods as a part of the garage sale.

The park is a 5 year project and is put together by members of the community on the Park Fund Committee. So far, a walking track and benches are put in, but they hope to raise enough money, on top of the 8,000 dollars they already have, to add a gazebo, playground, splash pad, soccer field and baseball field.

Vickie Douglas, a long time resident of the community who helped put everything together says it was amazing to see so many people came out for a good cause.

"It feels great because you know, so much bad happens everywhere and it's just good to see good come out of a community and people wanting it to grow, look nice and you know, it's just good for the community," said Douglas.

Lynette McReynolds, a Librarian at Central High School in town had her own booth set up to sell bags and purses though a company, Thirty-One. She says every dollar given goes a long way and it's important to give back to a local cause that will benefit many people in the future.

"It's such an important thing for our community to have a place where people can come and exercise and just fellowship and be together," said McReynolds."We have our volunteer fire department here that really supports our community and our church, Central Baptist Church and our school. We just love it here. I've been here for 16 years and this is where we love to be."

They say they don't have a goal of how much they need to raise, but anything helps. All donations will go towards the Park Fund. If you would like to donate, but couldn't make it out to the yard sale, you can e-mail the mayor at Julie-at-star-m-ranch-dot-com.

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