Discover Oklahoma: Great Plains State Park

Discover Oklahoma: Great Plains State Park

MOUNTAIN PARK, OK- Oklahoma certainly has a lot of diverse terrains. And when you combine much of that diversity with a fun summer destination, you get Great Plains State Park in the southwestern part of the state.

If you're not careful, summer can rush right by you. Summer can be a time of fresh air, beautiful natural views and a time to relax. We have many state parks can fulfill those needs, but great plains state park in southwestern Oklahoma is a popular place that can give you a healthy dose of leisure time. Nestled in the foothills of the Wichita Mountains, the park is a haven for recreation.

"We have really a great, nice, quiet park. A lot of people like to come and enjoy themselves where it's not a lot of loud noises and different things like that."

The park has 470 acres in which to enjoy.

"We have 34 tent sites and RV sites… The online reservation is very popular here at this park. All of our RV sites are on the online reservation."

And you can make those reservations by going to

Now the big star of his park has to be the Tom Steed Reservoir. This is a 6400 acre, beautiful lake that has 45 miles of shoreline.

"When I first started here in March of 2015, our lake level was at 29%, and now we're at 100%, and a lot of people are really starting to come back out to the lake because of the water. The level is way up."

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