Bus drivers needed for Lawton Public Schools

Bus drivers needed for Lawton Public Schools

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - School is right around the corner and Lawton Public Schools is in search of more bus drivers. They've already set up two workshops to train potential drivers and get them on the road by this fall.

These workshops are designed to teach enrollees about driving a bus, safety, and state laws. Albert Henry, has been a certified state trainer and bus driver for Lawton Public Schools for over 30 years. Henry said he loves his job.

"You get to meet a lot of interesting young people, sometimes you wonder how they will turn out, some of them turn out to be pretty successful and others turn out to be average people, but its fun," said Henry.

Henry said whatever road they choose to take in life starts with a good education and just getting them to school is a big part of that, which is why they're making a plea for more drivers.

"I would say that we are about 30 percent down on drivers we have over 100 plus bus routes and we have less than 85 drivers," said Henry.

"We would like to get up in the 90's it makes things easier, routes will run a little bit quicker anytime that you lose drivers the lower amount just adds time onto the routes," said Koch.

Director of Transportation, Trae Koch, said adding time to the routes can cause buses to run late, to and from school, and that's something they are trying to avoid.

"We pride ourselves on getting kids to school on time and getting them home on time we want to be consistent because the last thing you want is a variant in those times. Its tough on schools, its tough on parents, so we pride ourselves on being consistent with those times and when we have a certain amount of drivers its makes the job a lot easier," said Koch.

While driving a much larger vehicle that has more wheels than your average car can be a little intimidating, Koch said once you go through the training they will make sure you feel confident before hitting the road.

"Its something that you may be a little intimidated at first but it will go away very quickly because they are like cars they have progressed they have gotten better each year," said Koch.

"Its just takes a little bit longer to accelerate, a little bit longer to decelerate, and a little bit longer to go around a curve," said Henry.

If you're interested in becoming a driver, there is another workshop set for July 31st through August 4th.You will need a CDL permit with special endorsements from the DMV before you enroll.The course cost $65 dollars, but the fee is waved if you are an LPS employee. For more information about the workshop, contact the LPS Transportation Center at (580)248-3255.

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