OK Game Wardens ask the public to help end poaching

OK Game Wardens ask the public to help end poaching

GRADY COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- Oklahoma Game Wardens are hoping for more tips after one led them to a poacher in Grady County.

A Tuttle man is accused of killing a white tail deer and a hen turkey along the Washita River near the Chickasha Airport. Wardens say a phone tip sent them to the suspect's home in where they found the deer hide, meat and the gun used to kill it.

The man reportedly confessed to headlighting the animal from his pickup before shooting it with a 22-rifle. The Department of Wildlife says it hurts legitimate hunters the most.

"Anytime somebody's out there doing it illegally, it's taking an animal that somebody who's out there buying their tags hunting the way they should they're missing out on that chance to kill that animal and harvest that animal later."

The suspect was not arrested but was cited for several violations. He faces up to a $1,000 fine for each one. The case now goes to the Grady County District Attorney's Office to determine if formal charges will be filed.

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