580 Roller Girls hold open recruitment

580 Roller Girls hold open recruitment

LAWTON, OK  (KSWO) - The 580 Roller Girls held an open recruitment in hopes of adding more people to their team.

The team had around 15 girls show up for the informational meeting Tuesday evening to learn what it took to be a part of a roller derby team.

They said that while one of new members' biggest fears is falling, that's a fear that goes away once they learn to trust their knee pads.

580 Roller Girl Elle-Beau Macaroni or "Mac" has been on the team for eight years and said the next thing the girls have to get over is having a bubble.

"When you wanna play roller derby, and you've never been in an aggressive sport, being in somebody else's personal space is very uncomfortable, but we're always in each other's personal space now," Mac said.

She said the team is like a family, and they're looking to add some more wheels to it – which is what brought Brooke Thomas out. She first learned about roller derby after watching a movie and thought she'd give it a spin and learn the game.

"I know it's skating and sometimes running people over," Thomas said.

According to Mac, recruits actually don't have to know the game to join them.

"We'll start with first of all like teaching you how to skate," Mac said. "How to start, how to stop, and how to fall down. Then we teach you what the game is, all the rules, and intricacies."

Thomas said the one thing she looked forward to the most if she's able to join was going head-to-head with other teams.

"I'm a very competitive person," she said.

The team currently has 11 skaters and hopes to have as many people as possible join. Skaters will start out as a newbie, practicing twice a week. They'll become part of the team after they pass a skills test. They'll also have to purchase equipment, liability insurance and participate in community events.

When Mac started, she said nobody thought she'd make it a month because she had never played a sport, but she's fallen in love with the game.

"You'll be very surprised at what you can actually do," Mac said. "I was not an athlete before roller derby. If you just keep at it, you will go really far."

Anyone who missed the open recruitment event can attend the Roller Girls' practices at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday at the Laugh Out Loud.

Their last home game is August 19th at the Great Plains Coliseum.

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