Blackhawks host reunion in Bricktown

Blackhawks host reunion in Bricktown

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -This weekend, a high school reunion unlike any other. Graduates from a high school in Germany are meeting in Oklahoma City, and one of them is from right here in Lawton.

Annette Wiseman-Vaughan graduated from Bremerhaven & Osterholz High School in 1981. Their mascot was the Blackhawks.

The school is for American children who's families are in the military and stationed in Germany.

The group tries to hold reunions as often as they can all across the country and this weekend, they're having their first one in Oklahoma.

There will be alumni from 28 states flying in, including two from Germany and 117 total.

They are meeting at the Skirvin Hotel in Downtown Oklahoma City Friday night. They will be playing games, taking pictures, enjoying German food and even visiting the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Wiseman says the goal is to catch up with special friends, but also show the visitors what Oklahoma is all about.

It's a trip down memory lane for graduate and organizer of the reunion Annette Wiseman-Vaughan. She attended the German high school from 10th grade until 12th and graduated in 1981.

"It's a unique experience," said Wiseman. "Very, very special. I get a little emotional because for me, it was a matter of making a lot of new friends. We were all in the same boat. Us, dormies were even a smaller group of people. We didn't have our parents. We were expected to do very well."

Her father was a military serviceman stationed three hours away from where she went to school, so she was only able to see her parents on some weekends. She says the friends she made were the only things that kept her going.

"Those friends that stepped up or were a very important moment in my life over there in Germany," said Wiseman. "Good, good people."

Wiseman says these pictures mean the world to her, just like the relationships she made and that's why she made it a priority after attending a few other Blackhawk reunions starting in 2003 to have one right here in Oklahoma.

"When we left Germany, we thought we would never see our friends again," said Wiseman. "There would be no high school reunion. No, "oh lets go meet at the football game" or anything like that. We didn't have that option. So when we were leaving and going back to the states, we didn't know where everybody went."

In 2015 she met two other Okies at a reunion, who were also fellow Blackhawks. Together, they organized this upcoming reunion in Oklahoma City.

"There is a strong bond that is with all of us," said Wiseman. "And I feel like hopefully, I have done my part to make sure that we can all see each other, stay in touch and remain friends forever no matter where we are."

With graduates coming from all over the country and from Germany this weekend, Wiseman hopes they leave the reunion not only happy they came to catch up with old friends, but also in love with Oklahoma and the people here.

"We're pretty friendly and welcoming to people, so we hope they love it," said Wiseman.

As a part of the reunion this weekend, over 20 graduates will be running or walking in a 5K around Downtown Oklahoma City Saturday morning to get to see the city and even meet some locals.

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