Duncan police warn businesses of fake bills

Duncan police warn businesses of fake bills
DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Police in Duncan are warning local businesses to be on the lookout for counterfeit cash after several businesses in the city reported finding fake bills.

Police said since May eight businesses have called about fake money--finding all denominations of bills except for one dollar bills.

Those bills are being made off scanners and printers and some of the hundred dollars bills may have even been bought online.

Duncan Food Mart was one of those businesses hit twice with the counterfeit bills.

Store manager Kulvip Seini said last on June 28 he encountered customers without good intentions.
"There were three people,” said Seini. “One lady two guys and they had a van outside."

Seini said the customers purchased cigarettes, lighters, and food worth eighty dollars using $5, $10 and $20 bills all of which were fake.

He said his employee on duty didn't even notice.

"It was bad,” said Seini. “I have employees and sometimes somebody can make a mistake."

Duncan Police Department Sgt. Donny Foraker said at first glance it's common for an employee to skim past the fake bills.

But as you look closer some of the one hundred dollar bills even say "for motion picture use only" on them.

Foraker said not slowing down to check the bills closely is the mistake many businesses make.

"Use common sense,” said Foraker. “When I hand you these bills yea they look pretty good but I know something's wrong. That's not a real bill. So, look at it just a little bit and make that determination."

He also encourages businesses to use ultraviolet lights or highlighters when checking bills.
Which is exactly what Seini said his employees will be doing from now on.

"We had a special meeting with all our employees,” said Seini. “We showed them what the bad bills are and the detective pin and a few other ways to check the money."

Duncan Police Department hopes to keep any counterfeit bills that are found so they can prevent them from making their way to other businesses.

If you have any information on this crime you are asked to contact police.

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