Delta Community Action Foundation in need of fans

Delta Community Action Foundation in need of fans
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- While some of us can beat the summer heat with central air, others are forced to rely on fans to help keep cool. One non-profit organization in Duncan is asking for your help supplying families with fans. Delta Community Action Foundation in Duncan needs your help. They run solely off donations and right now, they have a waiting list of people asking for fans.

Emily Rouse and her husband found out about the Delta Community Action Fan Drive through a friend. She can't afford central air conditioning and said her home is like a heat box in the summer.

"To me it feels like it is 100 degrees when I don't think it is but it is really hot and muggy," said Rouse.

Rouse said she goes to the water park just too cool off. She appreciates the Delta Community Action Foundation, and the people who donate to it, so she can have a  fan to beat the heat.

"I'm really grateful for this place to have fans to give out to people who need it," said Rouse.

88 year old Eula Pollock found out about the fan drive through Foundation's  Senior Companions Program. The program pairs a seniors with a volunteer who helps with their daily needs. Even though Pollock has central air in her home, she said it only reaches so far.

"Well it will be really useful, we do a lot of stuff she curls my hair and everything in the bathroom and we can put that fan right there, and back in my bedroom I might want it on at night," said Pollock.

Program Director Tina Casey said the fan drive started 6 years ago after the Foundation started receiving phone calls from seniors who didn't have central air or could not afford fans. Last year, the agency passed out over 100 fans.Since the weekend, 9 fans have been donated to the agency. Casey said the fan drive wouldn't be possible without donations from those in the community.

"We are extremely thankful for people who are donating right now it means the world to the people who are receiving the fans and it really means a lot sometimes it could mean the difference between life and death you know its hot out there," said Casey.

If you'd like to donate a fan to the Delta Community Action Foundation you can stop by their Duncan office on West Maple Avenue anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m during the week. Any donation is greatly appreciated to help someone beat the summer heat.

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