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Senator Lankford speaks out about Don Jr.’s emails, Congressman Cole about Russia investigation

OK (KSWO)- Oklahoma Senator James Lankford is speaking out about the controversy surrounding Donald Trump Junior's e-mails.

"I understand that for Don Junior who is a political novice, as he mentioned before, first time to be around a campaign, but for him to be able to contact Paul Manafort who is not a political novice and ask him to be a part of that, Paul Manafort should have raised the flag and said this is a concern."

At the time the e-mails were written, Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign manager.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole is speaking on how the Russia investigation is overshadowing lawmakers' work on Capitol Hill.

"There is a common perception we're not doing much when we are actually doing quite a bit. Most people back home aren't even aware because they are caught up in the daily distractions coming out of the White House."

Cole also said that while he does not advise the White House, he hopes the administration can quote, "focus on the things that need to get done."

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