Duncan Lake adds new kiosk to buy permits

Duncan Lake adds new kiosk to buy permits
DUNCAN,OK (KSWO)- Duncan law enforcement officials added some new improvements to the lake, that'll make it much easier the next time you're looking to fish, boat or hunt.
A kiosk is now located on the north side of the lake, where you can purchase fishing, boating and hunting permits and more.
The machine cost the city 3-thousand-dollars and is now on a six-month pilot program before the city council decides if they will keep it or not.
Money generated from the kiosk will be put back into the lake fund.
"I think it's great,” said Travis Brown, Duncan resident. “It saves a lot of people time and trouble actually."

Travis Brown has been going to Duncan Lake for 30 years.

He said they used to have a concession stand for those at the lake to purchase permits but after that closed it left a lot of people feeling lost.

He said he even encountered some fishing without a permit.

"The trouble was no one knew where to get a permit,” said Brown. “Because the lake Rangers don't come out here anymore it's just the police officers."

Which is exactly what Lake officer Chisholm Hale said they are trying to avoid by adding the kiosk.

"They don't have to find us,” said Hale. “If they're from out of time they don't have to go into Duncan to buy one of our permits. They can get it right there at the kiosk. 

The automated machine offers several options for permits...all payable by credit card.

Yearly fishing permits cost 10 dollars while boating permits will set you back 25 dollars.

Hale says if its approved by city council their hope is to have kiosks up at all the lakes in the area in the next two years.

"If the machine does a good job with what it is and makes money for the city I think they will,” said Hale.
In addition to a permit those at the lake will also need a state license which you can get from city hall.
The fine for being caught without one is 249 dollars.

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