Hundreds take part in 'World's Largest Garage Sale'

Hundreds take part in 'World's Largest Garage Sale'

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -The entire town of Duncan was one big garage sale Saturday.

Hundreds took part today in the annual "World's Largest Garage Sale."

The event started over 30 years ago through the city and Chamber of Commerce as a way to bring people into the area and shop locally.

People were out and about either shopping or setting up their garage sale outside their home or business.

The city put an ad out earlier this week with all of the locations of people hosting garage sales, so people could go from stop to stop.

This is the first year for Tandra Brown, who's from the Marlow area, to hold her own garage sale. She normally just comes every year to Duncan to shop, but she's excited to be selling some of her own items because she knows one person's trash is another person's treasure.

"It's been great to actually put on our own garage sale and actually give back to the community with our treasures and be able to clean out our closets so we can actually go shopping again," said Brown. "We're re-doing our homes into a different culture feel and now we can go ahead and process on."

Brown says so far, they have sold a lot of glassware, clothes, shoes, movies, and antiques, but she heard many customers say this is a great way to get a good deal on back to school items for kids.

"They look forward to this time of the year to do a little back to school shopping and look for bargains and a lot of people are moving back to this area to start jobs and things like that, so they're preparing rentals, they're preparing new homes as well," said Brown. "They're looking for those bargains to change their dwellings."

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