Students prepare for high school baseball at MacArthur Baseball camp

Students prepare for high school baseball at MacArthur Baseball camp

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -MacArthur High School is beginning it's second and final week of their summer baseball camp, Monday. It's for middle school and high school students who are either currently or looking to play for the Highlanders in the future.

Working on fielding, hitting and going through mechanics and everyday practice drills for over three hours a day is what MacArthur Head Coach Rodney DeLong does with the kids at baseball camp.

Caden Burk, a 6th grader who's played the game since he could pretty much throw a ball says it's good experience to get in front of Coach DeLong and learn from the high school players.

"They can teach you more and they've been there and they've experienced what we are going to," said Burk.

As a future catcher for the MacArthur Highlanders, he says he's lucky to get this experience and he's already learned a lot.

"How to field a bunch of different ways and how to hit," said Burk. "See the ball."

DeLong says it's a big advantage for the kids to learn what he expects when they get to the high school level.

"I want to build a program and that's where you start," said DeLong. "You start with those younger generations and get those young kids going and teach them a thing or two over the next couple years before they get with me, they become better players."

Caden Tahbonemah, a 7th grader and also an upcoming first baseman for the highlanders says he looks up to people like Aaron Judge in the pro's. He wants to put in the work now at summer camp and get better, so maybe he too can be like Judge one day... a star in the pros.

"Oh yeah," said Tahbonemah. "I feel like it's going to be fun, a fun time."

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