String of thefts across Comanche County

String of thefts across Comanche County

COMANCHE CO. (KSWO) - The Comanche County Sheriff's Department is looking for the person responsible for stealing multiple big ticket items in the past week and a half.

The department is searching for a missing boat, tractor, pickup and go-cart,  which were stolen from different locations in Comanche County.

Brian Fisher said he doesn't care who stole his boat– which was stolen from Granite Point – he just wants it back.

He said that while his boat was not new, it was filled with memories. About 6 years ago, he and his dad spent the summer rebuilding the boat – and the interior has his son's footprints glued on to it.

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said it's frustrating to see resident's items stolen.

"These people have worked hard for what they have and then a bunch of losers come in and steal their stuff," he said.

Sheriff Stradley said a number of items were also  stolen in the county.

Just a couple miles down the road, near the Lake Lawtonka, a golf cart was stolen from a house on Mae Road – along with a red 1995 Ford pickup, which was stolen outside of Fletcher, and a tractor stolen near Geronimo.

With larger items being stolen, Sheriff Stradley said there's a good chance that it could be multiple people in a group stealing the items.

He said there are steps people can take to avoid being victims.

"Now some of these people come and knock on your door and see if you're home," Sheriff Stradley said. "If they knock on your door and ask for Joe Smith or someone like that please let us know which way they went and what they're driving. If you can get a tag number that would be great. If you can't just say they took off headed east."

He said getting calls would greatly help the department, and believes being a good neighbor and looking out for others can ultimately help the department and the community.

"The best way we can catch these people is by everybody helping us catch them," he said. "You gotta look at it like this, tomorrow it may be your stuff that's stolen so help us so we can take these people off the street."

Stradley said anyone who sees something suspicious – or know the person or persons responsible – should call the department at 353-4280.

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