Goodwill helps Stephens County Humane Society

Goodwill helps Stephens County Humane Society

STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO) -Duncan residents who participated in the "World's largest garage sale" last weekend also had the chance to donate their items that didn't sell to GoodWill...all for a good cause.

For three years now, Goodwill has teamed up with the Stephens County Humane Society. For every pound of usable donations they receive, the humane society received 10 cents.

Kelly Place, a board member for the Humane Society says they do not have an exact number, but says they received a lot of donations.

Almost two trucks full, just like this one with toys, clothes and furniture leftover from garage sales in Duncan were taken to Goodwill stores throughout Stephens County this week and for each pound donated, 10 cents was given to the Stephens County Humane Society.

Missy Beets, the VP of Marketing and Public Relations for Goodwill says it's important to keep these donations local.

"One of our goals is because we do have stores throughout Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas is wherever the donations are collected, as long as we have a store in that city, we try to make sure the donations stay local to that store," said Beets. "That's important to us. A lot of people donate to us hoping to support their local community members and we can do that by keeping those donations in that town."

Beets says giving back to local organizations, like the Humane Society is what they're all about.

"It's really important," said Beets. "We actually partner with them throughout the year on smaller events and they will bring in donations throughout the year to our store, but this is a big event that is a really big push for them, especially moving into the fall/winter when it's a little more difficult to get the care that they need for the animals and this gives them a little push to build up the funds that they need."

She thanks each person who takes the time to give back. She says each donation goes a long way.

"Not everyone understands what the donations mean to those retail stores, but that's our only means of getting merchandise to sell which in turn is our only means of being able to support programs, so without the donations we wouldn't be able to do any of that," said Beets.

If you participated in the "World's largest garage sale" in Duncan last weekend, and still have some items left that did not sell, you can still donate them to your local Goodwill, but be sure to mention you're donating to benefit the Stephens County Humane Society so the 10 cents per pound donated will be honored.

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